From IIM-A to Washington University to Wall Street to Rashtrapati Bhawan to You!


Since 2010, I have been blessed to train over 550,000 Retail Investors. This is the largest Financial Literacy/Investing initiative by an Individual ever (we are told) in India.


MBA – Finance
IIM-A & Washington University, USA.
CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst
CMT – Chartered Market
CFA/CMT – Completed all 3 Levels.
21 years Stock Market Experience.

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Our Story

When I was 13 years old, my father accidentally bought a book about Warren Buffett. I didn’t know who he was but as I started reading I found his way of writing very humorous and witty, at the same time full of Investing lessons.

I made my first investment when I was 17 years old (1998) and since then have been teaching investing to my friends, family, relatives (Even if they were not interested :P)

In 2009, after I dropped out from Campus placements at IIM-A, I had been investing for almost 11 years and wanted to continue doing that. The problem was that my parents wanted me to have some ‘job title’ so that they could tell people what I did.

So, In 2010 I rented out a tiny office where I would go everyday to sit, read, and drink coca-cola. My parents were happy that I went to work.

One day, somebody who had lost a lot of money in trading came to my office for help. He used to work in the same office building and had heard that I was an Investor.

He must have found our discussions useful because he started getting his trader friends to me for advice. Talking to people made me realise that ALL the mistakes they were making were avoidable. That’s when I realised that my specific skill set could potentially make a huge dent in the Investing world.

That little idea turned bigger and bigger, against all my expectations. Since 2010 I have been blessed to train around 550,000 Investors including the entire 250,000 strong force of Border Security Force.

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We have conducted the Investing seminars/webinars (FLAP) for Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, Top Government Brass, The best universities, Hospitals, bar councils, private clubs, charity foundations etc. all across the country. For Free.

Along with spreading Financial literacy, we have started a Digital Mobile School to give education to underprivileged kids.

Digital Mobile School

We started the Digital Mobile School initiative in June 2019. We felt that there is a dire need of basic education in India. The disparity between the facilities available to children who won the “ovarian lottery” and were blessed to be born with the means, and those who weren’t that lucky is huge.

Therefore, even though we believe that Financial education can eradicate poverty and also help create enormous wealth for the people of the country, we realized that financial education is still a distant dream in a country where many of our children, who are our future, don’t even have the basic reading and writing skills.

In order to solve this problem we decided to do our bit in imparting basic reading and writing skills in a more innovative way by converting a car into the Digital Mobile School. The car is loaded with-

  • 32″ smart TV with access to educational YouTube Videos.
  • 10 7″ Android based Tabs.
  • 10 Digital Notebooks
  • 2 laptops
  • Powerful external Speakers
  • Amazon Echo (Alexa)

Through this we aim to innovatively impart basic literacy among the underprivileged children and make our little contribution towards bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.