Blog 19
January 15, 2020

What is a Liquid fund?

Liquid funds are a great alternative to Bank FD. But, What are the risk involved? Who should invest in Liquid...

Blog 20
January 5, 2020

Smallcase – A Review

Smallcase, offer by Zerodha and other leading brokerages is an innovative investment product that allows investors to invest in pre-selected...

Blog 21
December 22, 2019

Liquid Funds vs FD

If you want to park surplus cash, the battle is usually between : Liquid fund Vs FD. But, Traditionally most...

Blog 22
December 12, 2019

Liquid Fund Taxation

Understanding Taxation of Liquid Debt funds is very simple. When you think of how liquid funds taxation works - Think...

Blog 23
December 10, 2019

The 10 types of Equity Mutual funds in India

“If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit”

Blog 24
November 16, 2019

Infosys – Another Crisis !

Infosys is yet again at the center of a crisis. This time for alleged lapses in following accounting standards and...

Blog 25
November 16, 2019

What If Infosys Management is ‘Unethical’?

In our recent article, Infosys – Another crisis, we outlined the issues highlighted by a group of employees regarding potentially...

Blog 26
November 16, 2019

Index Fund ‘Bubble’ 2019

Before we go deeper into the main take-aways from this article. Let’s understand why you should invest in an Index...

Blog 27
November 16, 2019

Return on capital – The Financial Ratio Warren Buffett can’t do without !

 We’re going to understand the whole thing intuitively first, inside-out and then get to the formula in the end.