Terms & Conditions

FLIP – Terms & Conditions

  1. We have a 7 Day 100% Money Back, No Questions asked Guarantee.

FLIP Continuation Program 1.0 – Terms & conditions

Please NOTE FLIP Continuation Program is NOT a Stock Recommendation/tips/advisory service

By deciding to access the FLIP Continuation Program as a Free Trial member or as a paid member you agree that :

1. No Content in the Report/videos/comments will be considered as a Buy/Sell Recommendations. 

2. The purpose of this Program is continued education and helping our community make better decisions themselves. 

3. The Reports we publish can be on companies that are not necessarily Investment Grade. Publishing a Report on a particular company should not be seen as an indirect endorsement of the company in any way. 

4. Any decision made based on accessing information from the continuation program is an Individual’s responsibility. 

5. We reserve the right to change/alter/introduce new features and plans in the FLIP Continuation Program. 

6. We reserve the right to price our offering as is necessary and revision may occur from Time to Time. In the event that the Pricing for the plan the client/member is enrolled in is altered, we will always ensure your consent is required in order for you to continue accessing the premium content. 

Refund policy for FLIP continuation Program 

1. We have a Zero Refund policy for the FLIP continuation Program. 

2. The Member can cancel their subscription anytime. 

Discussion Forum & Member Conduct Policy

1. We reserve the right to cancel the subscription for a member if we believe the member is not suited for our subscription OR 

2. If a member is found to be violating any of the following policies, we take appropriate action which includes requesting the member to opt out of the subscription : 

As our community grows we have to ensure we’re safeguarding everyone’s Interest. Members are requested to keep the following pointers in mind while communicating on the FLIP Continuation Discussion Forum : 

? Please Don’t post Promotional material – Personal Services or 3rd party.

? Please Don’t post Pirated material – Eg – Books/videos or in any other form. 

? Please Don’t post Religious or political content of any kind

? Please be careful of the language you use when you communicate with other members of the Group.

Failure to comply may result in a Request to stop posting unwanted material

On continuation, the member will be asked to opt out of the group.